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Experience the Future with EnviZion

The Biopharm industry relies on hygienic diaphragm valves for demanding process applications due to their unique balance of clean-ability, drain-ability and pressure/ temperature capability. For more than 40 years the technology of these valves has changed very little. Advances in performance have been nominal as the basic design concept has remained the same: body, diaphragm, topworks, and four fasteners. This design requires experienced personnel and stringent maintenance practices to assure consistent, reliable valve performance. All while the industry is forced to increase productivity, extend preventative maintenance intervals, and reduce operating costs.

ITT’s breakthrough technology, the Pure-Flo® EnviZion™ valve, sets a new standard for the future of hygienic diaphragm valves. The EnviZion valve is designed specifically to help customers install, operate, and maintain their valves more efficiently. This unique design provides a significant reduction in total cost of ownership while supporting the industries’ goals to increase productivity, improve reliability and enhance clean-ability.

Valve maintenance as easy

The EnviZion valve utilizes a breakthrough mount and turn design that allows for quick and easy valve disassembly.
• Tool-less maintenance - no tools required for valve installation and diaphragm replacement, simplifying the maintenance process.
• Fasteners eliminated - no more handling loose parts or accessing fasteners in tight spaces.
• Save time - diaphragm changes reduced from an industry average of 23 minutes to 3 minutes, resulting in a 90% reduction in maintenance time.

Reliable Sealing and Improved Cleanability with No Re-Torques

The EnviZion valve eliminates the effects of thermal cycling with an integrated thermal compensation system.
• Active sealing technology - the constant force of the thermal compensation system provides a reliable seal that does not degrade over time (unlike other diaphragm valve designs that use passive sealing technology).
• No retorquing - the seal is maintained over varying operating conditions, eliminating the need to adjust fasteners after thermal cycling. The EnviZion valve improves clean-ability by reducing the potential for fluid entrapment.
• Diaphragm seal - the valve body and diaphragm create a seal on the leading edge of the D-section, preventing fluid from getting into areas which would be difficult to clean and possibly lead to process contamination.

Net result - reduced maintenance hours, commissioning costs and potential for system contamination.

Total Cost of Ownership

The EnviZion valve platform was developed with one overarching goal – to reduce the customer’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Costs associated with installation, validation, operation, and maintenance are significantly reduced with the EnviZion valve.
• Over 90% annual maintenance cost savings is achieved by reducing the time required to change diaphragms.
• No retorqing after thermal cycling reduces start up time and maintenance cost.
• Body seal reliability eliminates the potential for system contamination, which can save significant production time and lost revenue.
• Preventative maintenance intervals can be extended, saving time and cost.


The EnviZion diaphragm has been developed to withstand the wear of today’s production cycles and maintains a reliable seal, avoiding the risk of leakage and batch contamination. It combines advanced technology with proven materials that are used extensively in the Pharmaceutical and Biopharm industries. Featuring a robust 2-piece construction, the EnviZion diaphragm utilizes the same modified PTFE material as the Pure-Flo series of valves with an enhanced EPDM backing cushion. The diaphragm design has been optimized to maximize sealing efficiency while minimizing stresses during operation.
Type: TMZ

Temperature Rating:
-4°F to 329°F (-20°C to 165°C)
-22°F to 285°F (-30°C to 140°C) for continuous steam
-22°F to 302°F (-30°C to 150°C) for intermittent steam

Material (2-Piece Construction):
Product Contact Surface: Modified PTFE
Backing Cushion: Grade B1 EPDM
Lot code traceable

Regulatory Compliance: PTFE: 21CFR 177.1550 (a)
EPDM Backing cushion: 21 CFR 177.2600
USP Class VI, Chapter , (70°C and 121°C) EMEA 410 compliant

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