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Biotech Modules Superskid

TECNinox has become one of the leading vendors in the field of designing, manufacturing and commissioning so-called “skids module”. Our product portfolio includes process plant for the manufacture of liquid products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Process equipment mounted within large steel frame

The modular system has many advantages. Tanks, pumps, filters, heat exchangers, control or regulating valves and the complete metering technology are put together as a module on a frame or “skid”, the maximum dimensions of which are essentially limited only by the size of the vehicle to be used to transport it, or the dimensions of the opening it has to pass through to enter the building.
This modular approach is an ideal application to defer the fabrication of complex piping and instrumentation to a shop environment where there is close proximity to tools, materials and expert resources.

Why skid module approach

• Designed from both a mechanical and an electrical point of view, as standalone sub-systems
• Reduces field activities @ site
• Reduces overall timeline
• Reduces interference with other field contractors
• Test all functionality prior to coming into the site
• Minimizes field re-work
• Quality of skid construction execution
• Vendor as single point of accountability and point of integration of all aspects of equipment delivery
• Cost control…. Lump sum vs time/ material
• Commissioning and on-site tests are reduced to a minimum, since all the plant components remain on the skid.

3D skid model

• 3D model reviewed by an integrated team (engineering, production, maintenance, construction quality) to challenge as much issues as possible before construction
• interference with site (electrical, HVAC, piping … )
• design transportability of skid without impacting commissioning activities.

Integrated Design 3D, Manufacturing, Transport, and Installation

Our broad experience with modular construction means we can construct custom-engineered process systems in readily transportable modules. These modules are assembled and fully tested at our facility prior to shipment. Installation at the job site typically requires setting the unit, connecting to the necessary utilities, and training plant personnel.

Custom Engineered Systems for a Total Turnkey Package

We know that building a quality product starts from the ground up. Our sole purpose is to make our system as good as it can be to guarantee that you get the highest possible quality in our processes and products. TECNinox has in-house team consisting of process, electrician and controls, and validation engineers, along with a well rounded group of 3-D designers to support all your custom process needs.
We are also well equipped with fully certified craftsmen to meet the latest cGMP, BPE, and ASME requirements.

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Biotech Modules Superskid

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