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C.I.P. - Clean In Place System


by installing a C.I.P. system, you can achieve essentially continuous use of your processing equipment, by minimizing system shut-downs for cleaning.
an efficiency cleaning minimized potential contamination.
a C.I.P. system is a closed loop where sanitary conditions are easier to maintain, safe operation is enhanced, and maintenance cost are reduced.


Automatic cleaning sanitary system" concept was originally developed for the dairy industry, then applied in many processing fields. C.I.P. systems are used wherever product must be kept pure, and residue will not appear in the next product being processed. All TECNinox C.I.P. systems and components are designed to meet or exceed 3A sanitary standard and cGMP guidelines. Among the industries where C.I.P. systems are used:
· Pharmaceutical
· Chemical
· Food/Dairy
· Biomedical
· Veterinary
· Cosmetic

Eductor motive return system

An eductor system works on the Venturi principle: water forced by a dedicated pump into an eductor creates a vacuum that pulls the C.I.P. solution out of the system being cleaned.


TECNinox has been engineering C.I.P. systems since 1985. Our project engineers planning your system utilizing components (pumps, valves, controls ...) of leading manufacturers. Aided by the most sophisticated software available, our engineers make sure efficiency and reliability for every systems whether it's a new process application, facility expansion, or system upgrade. Process, design, controls and software are customized to satisfy your criteria.


To avoid the expense and reduce the cost of installing a large fixed C.I.P. system, TECNinox manufactures portable C.I.P. unit. The system is compact, designed to be self draining and meet the high quality standard. The unit can be equipped with electrical heating device or heat exchanger. 

Operating Control

Flow rates, temperature, pressure, level, conductivity . . . are some of the control parameters to keep your C.I.P. system efficiency and reliable. TECNinox offers the latest in control system hardware and software. Real time information are displayed on a operator interface. The C.I.P. unit can be controlled through an industrial system bus via a communications processor. 

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C.I.P. - Clean In Place System

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