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Processing and storage tanks

Complete solutions

TECNinox was established in 1978 for the purpose of designing and manufacturing innovative products such as preparation reactors and storage tanks with high-quality standards for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and electronics industries. TECNinox went over to specializing in the manufacture of pressure containers, tested or otherwise, up to 30.000 liters.
The materials used, the care for detail, the high degree of finishing and the continuous striving for perfection make our containers particularly suitable for use both in the laboratory and in processing, when extreme case in washing and sterilization is required, even in line, by means of automatic C.I.P. - S.I.P. systems.

The design

Our processing techniques have enabled us to reach a roughness lower than 0.10 μm in mechanically cleaned test containers. In any case, we are able to achieve roughnesses ranging from 0.15 to 0.28 μm on all surfaces when required, with electropolishing and/or passivation treatments, if the case applies.

Experts technical

Without entering into the knowhow of the process, our technicians are ready and willing to take care of our customers’ problems: they study the most suitable solution, adapt it to the use of the machine, and choose the most suitable state-of-the-art accessories.

Construction features

The materials delivered by TECNinox comply with 3A-FDA standards, such as for example the bottom-flush valves, with started flow and the magnetic entrainment mixers, “SANITARY TECNINOX®”, that can be used for tanks up to 3,000 liters. These mixers dont require any flow breakers and are ideal for mixing even small product quantities. At TECNinox, we have the capability to manufacture in accordance with cGMP to ensure validation. Our manufacturing processes are quality controlled and documented from purchase of raw materials to finished products. Designs are developed for I.S.P.E.S.L., T.Ü.V. and S.V.T.I. standards. We provide you with all technical documentation necessary for obtaining FDA approval.

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Processing and storage tanks

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