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ROTEC - Reverse Osmosis

Complete solutions

Thanks to the experience TECNinox has gained in the handling of pure fluids, it is undoubtedly the ideal partner for complete water purification systems, from design to execution, through to storage and distribution to the various user. TECNinox has been active in this market sector for several years now and has built up the experience required to develop and construct reverse osmosis systems able to meet the widest Customer requirements for production potential and for checking and monitoring the final water quality . Together with the Customer user, TECNinox can assess and develop the best technical solution to guarantee continuity of operation and performance, user-friendly equipment and limited operating costs.

Description of the Process

After undergoing pre-treatment microfiltration and duplex softening, the feed water is entered in a break tank at a pre-set level. It is taken from the storage tank by a high pressure pump, through the temperature control system to the first reverse osmosis pass. Part of the water is then discharged and recirculated back to the pump (concentrate), while the permeate is sent to the high pressure pump of the second stage or to the Polishing stage by means of Electrodeionization (upon selection). The following operation are similar to the previous one. The concentrate is returned to the break tank to restart the normal operating cycle. The water produced by the unit will be delivered to the PW tank then distributed in the loop to the points of use of the system located in the various departments/users. The system is equipped with two separate in-line dosing control units: one control unit with diluted caustic soda and the other with Sodium Metabisulphite. Systematic process control is performed by a master electrical switchboard provided with PLC with display and control of critical process parameters such as conductivity, pH, flow rate, temperature and pressure, in order to guarantee the treated water quality according to the required standards. The control board is equipped with communication card for interfacing with the external supervision systems.

Maximum convenience and compliance with cGMP requirements

Reverse osmosis systems are extremely compact while still guaranteeing the maximum operating space for normal scheduled and special maintenance operations. Optimal vision of all the operating and analysis parameters are guarantee to the operator for conducting the process, in full respect of ergonomics and safety guideline. The production potential and the quality parameters of the produced water are guaranteed weather the physical and chemical characteristics of the feed water are observed. The treated water meets the American regulations (USP) and European Community directives. This is becouse ROTEC is constructed following the “modular” criteria, with the insertion of compleated pre-wired sections to form the ideal Customer tailor made unit
• pre-treatment module
• sanitation module
• U.V. system module
• cleaning module
• E.D.I. module


In case of final polishing after reverse osmosis stage the above mentioned capacity should be considered 10% higher.


We are able to supply the plant with any type of operating control you require: starting from local instrumentation with manual control, up to DCS or SCADA fully integrated system. Temperature, conductivity, flow, TOC are considered our windows to the process, and by utilizing instrumentation in conjunction with process control, we can keep the difference between measured and desired values of variables. The control system is designed according to the GAMP and if required 21CFR part11 compliant.

Checking of components

Osmosis is the natural principle by which, between two solutions having different concentrations, separated by a semi-permeable membrane, the more dilute solution passes under osmotic pressure into the more concentrated solution until equilibrium between the two pressures is reached and fluid flow stops completely. The main use of osmosis is to produce water quality according to pharmaceutical standards. The parameters checked and controlled are:
• Feed water conductivity
• Permeate water conductivity
• Rejection capacity of the membrane(s)
• Temperature of the water produced
• Head and rotation of the booster feed pump
• Flow regulators and indicators

Service and support

• From the purified water generator to storage and distribution, TECNinox gives its Customers the advantage of working with a single company that is experienced in the handling of pure fluids
• The drawing up and filling in of validation records allows us to offer the Customer complete packages and comprehensive installation qualification (IQ), operation qualification (OQ) and performance qualification (PQ) programs.
• After installation, TECNinox service engineers will provide training courses for the use of the system and provides technical and maintenance support to meet every specific requirement.

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ROTEC - Reverse Osmosis

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