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Pumps series 200

Exclusive direct assembly of impeller-to-motor shaft for maximum rigidity and longer seal life.

Product features and benefits

Exclusive direct assembly of impeller-to-motor shaft for maximum rigidity and longer seal life.
• Clearance-ideal for all applications and a wide range of temperatures, up to 450°F (232°C)
• Designed for cleaning in place (CIP)
• Stronger JM-type motor has larger bearings and stronger shaft
• Base mounting options available for all sizes
• Extra deep impeller “eye” offers improved inlet characteristics
• Our design eliminates problems with vibration, short bearing life, low NPSH requirements, high seal maintenance costs and poor tolerance to adverse operating conditions.

Product specifications

Pump Motor Bracket:
• Stainless Steel
Motor Types:
• NEMA JM Frame (standard)
• TEFC and Washdown enclosures optional
• Explosion proof and stainless steel
• Single phase or three phase, 60 or 50 Hertz
• Investment Cast 316L, satin exterior with sanitary finish in product zone
Port Connections:
• S-Clamp
• Bevel Seat
• Flanged
• NPT Threaded
• I-Line
• Weld
• Heavy duty flange with clamp
• Machined from solid bar 316L stainless steel.
• Machined from solid bar 316L stainless steel with five compound curved vanes with integral motor shaft sleeve (2045 has four vanes). Directly bolted to motor shaft with impeller retaining nut.

Options and accessories

Seals - One Seal Size Fits All Waukesha 200 Series Model
The 200 Series one-piece impeller/shaft sleeve design not only extends the life of seals, but it reduces the number of shaft seal sizes to one, resulting in a minimum spare parts inventory requirement.
These stationary seals are designed to last longer with a siliconized carbon (standard) lapped seat that is replaceable and reversible. This provides an excellent mating surface for the variety of rotary seals including food grade hard carbon, siliconized carbon, silicon carbide and tungsten carbide. No matter how demanding your application, there’s a Waukesha seal that’s tough enough to handle it.
Waukesha’s pump offering includes eight sizes of pumps from 4-1/2" to 10-1/2" impeller diameter. All use the same size seal. These pumps have:

Seal combination options of:
• Single external mechanical seal
• Single mechanical with a water cascade
• Double mechanical seal

Optional Elastomer Choices:
• Fluoroelastomer (FKM) O-Ring Standard
• Silicone
• Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

200 Series pumps are also set up to accept, as standard, a large number of commercially available mechanical seals.

Standard features

• High efficiency, low NPSHR design for a wide variety of applications
• One size mechanical seal for all 200 Series models; reducing parts inventory and cost (commercial seals available)
• Integral impeller/shaft design for fewer parts, greater concentricity and easy maintenance
• Close coupled pumps use NEMA JM Frame motors with larger diameter shafts and bearings (compared to C Frame motors)
• Impellers, casing and backplate are made from wrought 316L SS
• Horizontal, vertical, and 45° angle discharge port orientation available

Special features

• Manufactured to ASME BPE specification criteria
• All product contact components machined from wrought, <5% ferrite level, 316L SS
• 20 Ra product contact surface finish
• Material heat numbers on all product contact components


• 15 Ra, electropolish and passivation of product contact surface finishes
• WFI (Water for Injection) shaft seal design
• Double mechanical seals
• Commercial seal options
• Casing drain
• USP Class VI elastomers
• 304 SS motor adapters
• SS motors
• SS leg kits
• Ra mapping
• Certified and witness performance testing
• Frame mounted pumps
• SS bases and coupling guards

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Pumps series 200

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