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Tri-blender ®

Fast, thorough & trouble-free blending

Our Tri-Blenders® make it easier than ever to mix powders with liquids, and avoid the time, trouble and lost product associated with reprocessing and pre- and post-blending operations. Our Blender is specially designed to thoroughly and efficiently blend powders and liquids, while minimizing the air introduced into the process. That means the lumping, foaming and flooding associated with conventional mixing equipment is almost totally eliminated.

Unique Tube-in Tube Design

The Tri-Blender® is designed to be installed close to the Vessel outlet and at floor level. Its low open hopper is easy to charge and this overcomes the traditional problem of having to lift powders to the top of the mixing vessel. That’s why companies from every process industry are turning to the Tri-Blender® to streamline blending applications. The Tri-Blender® is designed to integrate easily into your present process system. Plus, its compact size and easy portability means it can be moved or installed virtually any place in the process.

Operation Principles

Dry ingredients are fed into the hopper. Vacuum created by the impeller draws the dry ingredients into the blending chamber. As the dry ingredients are added through the hopper, liquid is simultaneously pumped into the head of Tri-Blender®. The diffuser tube separates powder from liquid until they are fed into the blending chamber. A special screen assures homogeneity for blending.

Blender Benefits

· Simple and reliable system for a fast and uniform air-free blending.
· Fast, uniform and continuos material absorption – up to 159 kg/min.
· Complies with rules, FDA and cGMP standards.
· Designed for batch blending in some in-line applications.
· Easily adapted for CIP applications.

Applications for Process Industry

The unique Tri-Blender® design means easy adaptation to a variety of blending applications in the food, beverage, dairy, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical.
· Incorporation of dry extract into dairy.
· Incorporation of stabilizing agents.
· Syrup preparation.
· Incorporation of powder milk.
· Production of silicate-alumina paints.
· Soft drinks preparation.

Wide selection of capacities to meet your blending application needs

The complete Tri-Blender® range can be tested at TECNinox’s comprehensive demonstration Facility or they can be made available for rent on site trials. Simply choose the model you need, and specify the electrically actuated valve, pneumatic valve, or the manual valve. Other options include skid mounting for an easy movement, feeding and/or drawing pumps, automatic feeding on scale and much more…

• Model F2116MD Powder capacity up to 23 kg/min.
• Model F3218MD Powder capacity up to 45 kg/min.
• Model F4329MD Powder capacity up to 159 kg/min.

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