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Shut Off & Divert Valves

Throttling or regulating valves are designed for Control Valves flow and pressure control applications. Fluid flows against the tapered curve of the valve seat allowing a calculated amount of flow through as it opens and closes. The throttling valve is typically equipped with a positioner. Throttling valves are used for flow control, pressure control, filler level control and modulated filling.

Product features and benefits

• Utilizes standard W60/W80/W90 single seat components offering machinedfrom- bar bodies, modular design, and low cost of ownership
• Various body configurations allow controlling reverse-acting (W68R), converging (W682) and diverging (W685) flows
• Multiple tapered seat Cv values available for valve size
• Tri-ring seat available for throttling and shut-off dual functionality
• Fully pneumatic positioner available as cost-effective positioning option
• Advanced electropneumatic positioner option provides direct 4-20mA signal and simple set-up for accurate and stable positioning without continuous leakage of supply air

Product specifications

Product Wetted:
• ASTM 316L (UNS-S31603); (DIN-1.4404)
• ASTM 304 (UNS-S30400); (DIN -1.4301)
Seat Material:
• Metal or Tri Ring
• ≤ 32Ra (≤.8 m) Other finishes available upon request
• 1" - 6" Tube O.D. (25mm - 152mm)

Options and accessories

Air to Spring, Piston Actuator

For use in a wide range of product pressures, including high pressure applications. Control Air Supply Pressure is 18 psi (1.24 bar) to 42 psi (2.90 bar (See Figure 1)). Maximum air pressure is 150 psi (10.34 bar).
Available in Air-to-Raise (AR) or Air-to-Lower (AL).

Rolling Diaphragm Actuator

For use in low product pressure applications. Eliminates breakaway friction and increases sensitivity of the actuator to pressure change. Control Air Supply Pressure is 3 psi (.21 bar) to 15 psi (1.03 bar). Maximum air pressure is 45 psi (3.10 bar). Available in Air-to-Lower (ALD).

Actuators with Positioner

Where exacting control of flow or pressure is required, positioners operate using a control signal and plant air supply. Positioners hold the stem in position relative to the signal input for repeatable performance. Two types of positioners are available: fully pneumatic (3 - 15 psi (0.2 -1 bar) air signal) and electropneumatic (4-20 mA signal).
Air-to-spring actuators are available in both Air-to-Raise (ARP & AREP) and Air-to-Lower (ALP & ALEP), with direct acting posistioning (as signal input increases, supply air to actuator increases). Reverseacting positioners are available in Air-to-Lower (ALP & ALEP) only. Air Supply Pressure is min 70 psi (5 bar) to max 100 psi (7 bar).
Rolling diaphragm actuators are available Air-to-Lower only (ALDP). Specify direct or reverse acting positioner on order. Maximum air pressure is 45 psi (3 bar).

Downloadable documents available for this product:

W68 - W88 - W98 Series

W60 - W80 - W90 Series

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