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Pursuing and carrying out high quality products has obviously become part of TECNinox business policy.
Not only. In fact quality standards go beyond, because realization and fulfilmentof specific procedures guarantee product reliability and quality.


Marketing is just the beginning of a straight cooperation with the Customer. For the whole plant life TECNinox supports him to ensure the correct working.


Every technical and business department is involved during each step of the project. The Customer-User has an important role in the preliminary design phases writing out construction and functional specifications that are the guide for the manufacturer to realize the right product for the particular problem.

Productivity and competition

Productivity and competition are the bounds between which the company pursues its objectives introducing not only preventive tests, but also intermediate and final ones before the delivery to the User.

Process reliability

It consists of a periodic monitoring of test and inspection instruments carrying out a customized and specific test and maintenance schedule. Instrument calibration ensures result reliability and reduces failure tolerance.