The Company

Company Profile


    The headquarters at TECNinox coordinate the entire group. This is where design, research & development, sales and marketing activities, administration, purchasing management, training and quality control activities are carried out. After-Sales and Training services, which are essential for the continuous and smooth operation of the plants, are also managed from here.


    Production is divided across the various facilities of the Group. Mechanical and electrical assembly begins at TECNinox headquarters and is completed on-site.

  • TEAM

    A team of project managers, engineers, validators and salespeople analyse the details of the orders, carefully assessing the technical aspects and issues, in a continuous exchange partnership with the end customer.


    The systems are assembled and wired in the various departments, where they are carefully customised with the various components, software and all options according to the customer’s URS. Before being shipped, the systems are tested in the testing area to ensure that they are working properly and to prepare them for the next SAT and validation stages.

The mission

We listen, we design, we create
with passion.
The non-stop development of new ideas and solutions has always been the mission of the Company, which designs and builds fully customised and automated process plants for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. TECNinox Group listens carefully to its customers, works with them as one team, and achieves its goals together and successfully. These skills have been learnt in over 40 years of experience, but the dedication we put into doing it is something no one can teach. It is simply part of our corporate DNA. And our customers feel it.

The vision

Be the first choice.
The TECNinox Group aims to continue to grow, innovate, design and build with the same enthusiasm as day one so that we will always be the first choice for companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors.

A long-ago

  • 1979

    Foundation of TECNinox S.r.l.

    Vito Bocchi and Giovanni Miglioli founded TECNinox S.r.l. after more than 20 years of experience in the production of plants for pharma and food industries.

  • 1983

    Ilinox Italy

    Ilinox Italia is founded, headquarters in San Polo di Torrile, ISO 9001:2015 certified company and leader in the field of stainless-steel carpentry for electrical panels and in the production of process tanks for pharmaceutical industry. Later on, the partnership among TECNinox and Ilinox begins.

  • 1983

    New headquarters in Sanguinaro

    TECNinox gets bigger and inaugurates the new headquarters in Sanguinaro, between Parma and Fidenza, reaching 450 m² of office space and 1.800 m² of production area.

  • 1995

    Ilinox Hungary

    Ilinox Hungary is founded with its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, where the team manage with a flexible organization the production and the delivery of stainless-steel electrical cabinets.

  • 2004

    New headquarters in Noceto

    TECNinox keeps growing, the new headquarters in Noceto rises, reaching 600 m² of office space and 4.000 m² of production area.

  • 2008

    ERsistemi joins the Group

    The growth continues with the acquisition of ERsistemi, a Systems Integrator company that designs and provides process automation for plants in pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

  • 2011

    Expansion of the headquarters in Noceto

    The new headquarters in Noceto is expanded to a total of 2.000 m² of office space and 5.000 m² of production area.

  • 2017

    Expansion of the production area

    In order to meet the increase of production needs, the headquarters is further expanded by building another warehouse for a total of 6.000 m² of production area.

  • 2023

    Another expansion of the production area

    Growing production needs led to a further expansion: the site was extended with another hall for a total of 7 halls and 8.000 m² of production area.

Developing original ideas and solutions has always been a key feature of our corporate lifestyle.

This is the way that has led TECNinox Group to be a leader in the design, construction, installation and validation of process plants and for the production, storage and distribution of pure fluids and systems complete with automation systems, for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors and compliant with the latest GEP, ASME, cGMP, GAMP and FDA regulations.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Cosmetic
  • Nutraceutical
  • Diagnostics

The values

We support our customers. We have an entrepreneurial attitude. We have developed our very own recipe for growth. The TECNinox Group gets involved to learn from experience. We believe in teamwork. We cultivate a sense of belonging. We invest in skills. We pride ourselves on professional and timely deliveries. We promote trust and confidentiality. We promote bright ideas. We never stop researching.