Engineering, manufacturing and automation. Customized and complete process plants, from compact yet functional models, to majestic plants.

  • Spray, Aerosol and Ophthalmic

    A process plant for MDI production

    Spray, Aerosol and Ophthalmic
  • Tri-blender

    Powder-liquid blending system

  • Processing Tank

    High standards process tanks for pharma and biotech industries

    Processing Tank
  • Transfer Panel

    Through customization for fluid transfer

    Transfer Panel
  • Biotech Modules Superskid

    The Giants’ challenge

    Biotech Modules Superskid
  • Syrup and Suspensions

    Non-sterile plant, yet with the same high-quality standards of sterile process

    Syrup and Suspensions
  • Cytotoxic Anticancer

    Handle sensitive, hazardous, yet fundamental drugs

    Cytotoxic Anticancer
  • Cream, Gel and Suppository

    The engineering behind high-viscosity products

    Cream, Gel and Suppository
  • Blood Plasma

    Preciousness of blood-derived products. A single material for many applications

    Blood Plasma
  • Vaccines

    Delicate and tricky biotechnological compounding

  • Insulin

    Sterile formulation project

  • Parenteral Formulation Compounding

    For injection or infusion

    Parenteral Formulation Compounding
  • Cip

    Cleaning systems Clean-in-Place

  • Storage Tanks

    To store pure fluids safely

    Storage Tanks
  • Looptec

    PW and WFI recirculation and sanitization management system

  • GVP

    Pure Steam Generators

  • Ditec

    Producing Water for Injection

  • Rotec

    For Pure Water production, eliminates up to 99,5% of salts