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Every project consists of a series of precise processes
handled by specific departments.

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The goal is customer satisfaction: to achieve it, the Group involves and guide the customer, step by step, all along the whole life of the project. Thanks to world-class partnership and its transparent approach, it gained the necessary competences to deliver a high-quality standard equipment on scheduled time. The entire project flow is overseen by the Project Manager, who represents the reference point for each customer. It assists them in both validation and after sales phases.

  • Conceptual and basic design

    The Technical Department develops P&ID and preliminary layout starting from the URS: the experience gained allows to define the feasibility and concretize customers’ needs.

  • Detailed design

    The Technical Department, in cooperation with the Process Specialists, defines all aspects related to the industrialization and develops detailed specifications as well as shop and installation drawings. It pays particular attention to the features of the materials, in terms of acceptance criteria and procedures.

  • Construction

    In this phase all components are assembled to obtain final configuration, often following the so-called Skid Modular Approach.

  • Automation

    ERsistemi, its strategic partner, takes care of the design and integration of automated control systems since the very first steps of the project, starting from plant simulation and virtual commissioning, therefore cutting costs, time and bug during production.

  • FAT

    More than 20 P.O.U.s (with PW, IS, CS, Power and CA) allocated in the workshop, enable us to test the equipment in the same conditions of customer’s site.

  • Assembly on site

    The plant is assembled at the final location: rigging and hook-up are performed, modules are positioned and connected.

  • Commissioning and start-up

    Validation of the equipment on site is done, the plant takes its first steps.

  • Documentation and certification

    The documentation, which comes to life from the earliest stages, is collected and delivered as per customer’s USR.

Virtual simulation and Digital Twin: the virtuality among and beyond the reality

ERsistemi invests in Virtual Simulation to simulate the complex processes of the plants, even before the installation phase. By adopting Siemens SIMIT, it brings to reality what doesn’t have shape yet. It learns from data collected, it can optimize the process and resources, reduce commissioning time and time-to-market. It can improve the entire plant lifecycle. SIMIT enables an end-to-end data flow between engineering and simulation, offering the basis to create a Digital Twin, a Virtual Plant able to communicate with its real, physical mirror part.