Producing Water for Injection

  • Built on SKID

    Neat and compact design 

  • Simple piping

    Simplified design to contain microbiological contamination

  • Integral pre-heating coil

    For water pre-heating and less energy consumption

  • Complete Solutions

    Multiple-effect distillers, or DITEC, are daily employed for Water for Injection production.

    DITEC is built with the simplest piping structure possible. This simplified and efficient design aims to reduce energy consumption and to contain microbiological contamination.

    Multiple-effect distillers have several consolidated features that make them perfectly efficient and easily applicable in pharma and biotech processes, such as the integral pre-heating coil, which allows an easier design and high thermal efficiency. The falling film feed system with an instantaneous flash evaporation effect to improve evaporation efficiency. The possibility to produce pure steam at first-effect in alternation or while producing CS. The availability to supply automation and control system, mostly based on industrial PLC/HMI interface.

  • Principle of Operations

    Water for Injection is a very delicate topic: basilar for medicine production, yet potentially dangerous if not well prepared or stored, or simply if contaminated. Thus, WFI has to be not only pure, but pyrogen-free, also it has to be compliant with USP, EP, JP guidelines. 

    Impurities of water can be eliminated by distillation process, which consists in water steaming followed by steam condensing; pure steam condensates and becomes WFI, whose heat produces evaporation of the rest of the feed water. This process is replicated in each column.

    Multiple effect distillers are composed by a specific number of columns, consisting in heat exchangers and decontamination chambers – the so-called effect – joined by flange connections. The columns operate at decreasing pressure and temperature.