For Pure Water production, eliminates up to 99,5% of salts

  • UV module

    To treat water and eliminate bacteria

  • High/low pressure membranes

    To discard all harmful residues 

  • Multipurpose intermediate tank

    GMP-standard tank with process and storage functions

  • Complete Solutions

    The ROTEC, or Reverse Osmosis System, is designed to be extremely compact while allowing a convenient operating space and perfect usability. ROTEC is developed applying the modular approach, therefore combining pre-wired modules so that customer will get the best option for their needs. The modules pickable are pre-treatment module, sanitation, UV system, cleaning, EDI.

    Feed water is micro-filtered and loaded into the feed tank; then it is pushed by the high-pressure booster pump to the first stage of reverse osmosis, through the micro-filtration and temperature control system. From the first stage, concentrate is partly discharged and the rest recirculates in the feed tank, while permeate is sent to the high-pressure pump of the second stage; this is repeated in all stages. The purified water produced is sent to the storage tank and then distributed to the POUs.

  • Principle of Operation

    Osmosis is the natural principle by which, between two solutions of different concentrations, separated by a semi-permeable membrane, the more diluted solution passes to the more concentrated solution due to the effect of osmotic pressure, until the equilibrium of the two pressures is reached and flow stops. Reverse osmosis inverts the natural passage of water by applying positive pressure on the side of the more concentrated solution, obtaining demineralized water on the other side. 

    Reverse osmosis systems are designed to exploit this principle and produce pure water for pharmaceutical use.