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Syrup and suspension

Syrup and Suspension tailored to your needs

Syrup and Suspension preparation are typically designed with the same high quality standard as applied for sterile process. Every detail of the design has to meet high quality standard demand, in order to reduce validation requirements and subsequent headaches.
TECNinox is leader in providing advanced processing solutions for Syrup and Suspension form to the pharmaceutical solution.

We design and build according to Specifications & Requirements for sterile design following cGMP, GEP. Tecninox offers a wide range of solutions, from individual pieces of equipments to complete integrated plants.
Whatever your process conditions might be, we will provide anywhere worldwide the right solution, with the highest European / American standard of quality and reliability.

Syrup and Suspension

Syrup is produced by blending water, sweeteners, flavour concentrates and other ingredients. The most common sweeteners is sugar. Simple syrup is made by dissolving crystalline sugar, adding flavour and minor ingredient, then filtering to the storage tank. An aqueous suspension preparation for injection to combat pain comprising a water-insoluble local anaesthetic and/or narcotic analgesic in the form of particles. In practice the stability of the known suspension preparation appears to leave much to be desired.
The preparation is to be used within a relatively short time as otherwise sedimentation and agglomeration of the particles of the active agent is going to start which in use can lead to clogging of injection needles or injection catheters.

Features for Syrup and Suspension

• Fully drainable, crevice free design, no dead leg
• Minimisation of product losses by the use of block valve
• Use of aseptic sampling device
• Minimisation of product sedimentation by the use of RSTBV
• Flush mounted tank sanitary clamp - TK connect – mounted on the top head of the tank
• Completely suitable for in-line CIP and SIP
• Use of air operated diaphragm pump
• Use of transfer panel
• Use of Tri-blender / homogenizer

Design, construction, validation for sterile processing

By knowing the latest components and valve technology, it allows to establish the design using reasonable and appropriate requirements / criteria.
The systems can be supplied as Built-In-Place or as ready-to-use process modules.
Ready-to-use or “plug & play” process modules can be supplied pre-tested in a FAT, pre-IQ one pre-OQ. This type of pre-tested modules gives the client great advantages, reading the total condition time of green field project considerably and minimizing down time during installation of new modules in existing process line.


System control options range from simple, manual push-button control to full programmable logic controller ( PLC ) based SCADA options offering a wide range of recipe handling, data acquisition and networking functions. The system complies with all current industry standards like 21CFR par 11 and standard communication ensures full compatibility with existing control strategies and plant-wide supervisory systems.

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Syrup and suspension

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